Reformers Unanimous

Join us Friday nights at 7 and learn how to break free from your addictions.

We invite you to take part in Reformers Unanimous this Friday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Shawnee Baptist Church. Reformers Unanimous (RU) is a revolutionary addiction recovery program developed from more than a decade’s experience working with hundreds of thousands of addicts. Addiction experts Steve Curington and Dr. Paul Kingsbury have produced a program that uses a unique, spiritual approach to develop lifelong sobriety.

Meeting Times

Weekly Recovery Program


7:00 PM

RU Sunday School Class


10:00 AM

Why Come to RU?

Who does Reformers Unanimous help?
  • We help addicted adults find freedom through the RU Addictions Program.
  • We help children grow God’s way through the RU Kidz Club.
  • We help teens transition to adults through the RU T-N-T Club.
  • We help believers behind bars through the RU Institutional Program.
  • We help women who are hurting through the RU Women’s School of Discipline.
  • We help men who are hurting through the RU Men’s School of Discipline.
  • We help Christians overcome apathy through the RU Lay Leader Discipleship Ministries.
There are three aspects to the Reformers Unanimous program.
  1. We talk to God through prayer and testimonies.
  2. We talk to each other in counsel groups.
  3. God talks to us through the Bible.
I walked into Reformers Unanimous in 2004 addicted to drugs. I grew up in a Christian home, and I made a profession of faith as a child but neglected as an adolescent and young adult to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It wasn’t long before the consequences of this neglect began to evidence itself in my attitudes and actions. The downward spiral of pleasing self and lawless-living led to a crippling relationship with drugs and alcohol. This indulgence soon led to an insatiable appetite that quickly became life-threatening. As a result of their faithful prayers, my parents were introduced to Reformers Unanimous, and I agreed to attend. Reformers Unanimous taught me ten principles which equipped me with practical steps to overcoming addiction. I learned that I could never act differently until I began to think differently. This “renewing of the mind” was established through Scripture memory and Bible meditation through the Challenger curriculum. I learned to develop a dynamic personal relationship with Jesus Christ by using the It’s Personal daily journal. I was also introduced to God’s support group – the local, New Testament Church – intended by God to develop me spiritually for His purpose and service. Most importantly, I learned that God had a purpose for my life to help others and to perpetuate His glory! Today, I LIVE FREE!
Johnny Wildt, our former RU director