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Northside Christian Academy

Looking for a quality, Christian education at an affordable price? Northside Christian Academy provides students with everything they need for mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Our curriculum exceeds public school standards while integrating Biblical principles into each subject, while our great student-teacher ratios help your child receive the attention they need to excel. Contact the office today to schedule a tour or to learn more.

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Indian Creek Baptist Camp

Each summer thousands of kids and teens from across the country head to Indian Creek to enjoy thrilling activities and powerful preaching. Surrounded by nearly 300 acres of God’s beautiful creation and first class facilities, it’s no wonder that Indian Creek has the summer’s highlight for so many over the past 25 years.

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Recovery Program

Our Recovery Program is a faith-based program designed to help those battling stubborn habits and addictions. Drug use, alcohol abuse, internet addiction, and dietary habits are just a few of the problems that this incredible program can help you overcome. Join us this Friday night at 7 and join the thousands of people all around the world who are breaking the chains of addiction today!

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